Buying Guide: Online Gaming Computers in Dubai

Having a laptop with high resolution, graphics card and many expandable features surely makes it for a device that lets you do all; but it can never be as convenient as having a gaming machine that has been specifically designed to enhance the gaming experience for the little warrior in you. This article will help you choose the right machine from one of the online gaming computers shops in UAE.

There are several gaming PCs and machines that are quite popular these days among the avid gamers. But every gamer would choose workstations and gaming PCs based on some important factors.

1. GPU

If you need a computer solely for gaming, you need to put the spotlight on its 3D graphics card, or the Graphics Processing unit (GPU). Having a separate chip for graphics from either AMD or Nvidia is certainly a better option over the die-casted Intel’s graphics processer. No matter what RAM size or processor you get in your new gaming computer, your graphics card is the only thing that can have an impact on your gaming experience.

2. CPU

CPU has always been considered the paramount component of a computer, but not in the world of online gaming! If you need a computer for gaming, you need to have a reasonable CPU but you cannot concentrate solely on this component as it is neither going to neither weigh down nor enhance your gaming experience.

3. RAM

Another acronym that makes a vital factor for buying a computer- RAM makes a lot of difference in gaming too. You need to have 8 GB RAM to get a pleasant gaming experience with your new gaming computer. If you try to settle for anything less, frequent hang ups can be one problem you might have to deal with.

4. Display

When it comes to choosing the right screen for gaming, it isn’t just the size that really matters. Know the response time, colour accuracy and resolution before you click on a ‘buy’. Also take a look at pixel density and frame rates.

5. Upgradation options

When you buy a computer for gaming or Workstations in UAE, you can expect to get your RAM expanded or may be some upgradation in the hard drive or may be the solid state drive (SSD), but when it comes to upgrading the CPU or the GPU, there isn’t a lot that can be done to it. Make a wise decision and choose the computer that you’re sure will support your needs for a long time rather than rambling around for up gradation in a short while.

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3 Benefits of Online Gaming

You love gaming, but haven’t gotten into much of the online gaming options. What are the benefits to making the switch?

1. There is always a live player to waiting to make the game more challenging.

It is always more challenging to play with a live opponent than with a computer generated opponent. Typically, you can figure out how a computer opponent plays and learn to guess what they are going to do and when they are going to do it. This may make winning worlds and levels easier, but it also takes away from the challenge of gaming. For many people, removing the challenge removes a lot of the enjoyment that comes with gaming.

When you play with a live opponent, there is always a sense of challenge. Even if you play with the same person all the time and start to pick up on patterns in how they play, you will find that they still surprise you and take risks that you don’t expect them to take. This makes the game more interesting, even if you do not win quite as easily or as often as you might against a computerized opponent.

If you don’t always have people around the house interested in gaming with you, the Internet may be a great resource to turn to. There are always other people online looking for opponents. This means you can play with many different opponents from all over the world. If that doesn’t keep the challenge and interest high, then nothing will do it for you!

2. There are always new games being introduced so you never get bored.

You probably have to stick with the same games a lot of the time when you game offline. It is expense to purchase new games all the time and many people simply cannot afford to continually buy the latest and greatest games. So, they end up playing the same games for too long and they get bored.

Does that sound familiar? Gaming online is an ideal solution because there are always new games being released, with hundreds already available. If you cannot afford to pay for games all the time, there are many available for free. Many allow you to continue playing, only investing money to get further in the game when you have the money available.

3. You can play games against your friends and meet new gaming friends through social networking sites with gaming apps.

When you play games connected to a social network website, you can connect with your real life friends and play against them. You will also meet a lot of new gaming friends while playing through these social networking sites and that may lead to an increase in your social circle outside of the Internet. A lot of the games offered through social networking sites can easily rival high priced offline games. Many are even better because you get to play them with other people from around the world.

Online gaming is more exciting right now than it has ever been in the past. The technology continues to grow and the games become more and more realistic. Some of the games even allow players to earn real money as well as gaming credits and other prizes.

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Why A PC Is Better Than A Game Console For Online Gaming

Gaming consoles have taken over the gaming community. Companies such as Nintendo, Microsoft, and Sony have changed the way we play video games. It used to be common to play computer games, sometimes against another person via the Internet.

Access to these games was only available through your computer, now there are several options available and more on their way. Once consumers began using game consoles online to play, companies feared the downfall of computer gaming. That was not the case at all. There are some disadvantages of gaming consoles for online gaming compared to personal computers.

Gaming Options

There are a few different brands of gaming consoles available right now. Microsoft has Xbox and most recently Xbox 360. Sony has PlayStation, PlayStation 2, and PlayStation 3 due to be released in November 2006. Nintendo has the Game Cube. Although these are all good consoles the PC has already been trying to merge the two (game consoles and pc gaming). Sony managed to merge them with its game Need for Speed, putting game console gamers against PC gamers in online games. This game became very successful. There are more pros than cons for gaming consoles when compared to PC gaming.

Disadvantages to Gaming Consoles

Some of the disadvantages of console gaming are:

All of the gaming components are sealed inside the unit. If there should be a problem you will have to replace most or all of unit, losing game data.

Once a console becomes outdated you cannot up grade without buying a new console.

A console is a one hit wonder; meaning you can only do one thing on it, play games. Unlike PC there is no other use for game consoles. Some do have the option of purchasing additional hardware, making DVD movie playback the only other option.

The games are not transferable. You can’t take an Xbox game and play it in a PlayStation etc.

Advantages to PC

There are some real advantages to owning a PC to play your games on. Here are a few:

The most popular advantage to PC gaming is the games! There is more variety and options for PC games than any other system.

Since the PC is more of a tool, games are easily downloaded and there are more and more made available for free.

Computers are made to handle the pixels displayed on the monitor keeping graphics sharp and without damage to the screen. Televisions weren’t made to handle the pixels as well and become damaged after a while.

Computers have many options available to connect to the internet, whereas consoles are limited.

Computers are versatile, allowing numerous upgrades and possible additions. Consoles are limited to the current system available.

Until a game console can handle the same things as a PC there is just no contest. PCs will still rule in the game world!

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Should Online Gaming Factor Into Your Budget?

As the market for online gaming expands, many people are wondering how much money they should realistically be spending on online games. It might have seemed ridiculous in the past to consider spending real money on games through the Internet, but millions of people are now buying into thousands of different games hosted in the virtual environment. In fact, many swear that the best games ever created are now being offered online.

The truth is people have always paid good money to play games. When you play games through consoles that hook to your television, you have to pay for the game system, all of the games you want to play, and then the controllers. There are many different controller attachments and specialized remotes that are offered for many game systems today as well. All of this costs money.

Paying to play a game online is no different than buying an Xbox 360 or a Wii. It is no different than paying for a game app that downloads to your smart phone. You are just paying to play a game in a different environment with different technology.

Here is another truth: online gaming can be far cheaper than playing games through television consoles. You will pay hundreds of dollars for a game system and then hundreds more buying game discs if you play offline. When you play online, the cost of playing is considerably less. A monthly membership to a game site typically runs well under twenty dollars, and you get hundreds of games on some sites for that low price. Compare that to the $ 50 and up that is easily charged for a single Wii or Xbox game.

If you want to play an interactive game that is hosted on its own website and which requires you to purchase some type of credits to continue playing over time, you can still get out much cheaper than playing very similar games through your own gaming console at home. You also get the advantage of playing with other real people from around the world, rather than just battling it out with yourself or a random computer generated guy.

You can now go online with many at-home gaming consoles, but it requires an Internet connection to your gaming console and paid subscription to those gaming services. This is interesting, because it is bridging online gaming with offline gaming platforms. You can now consider many of the interactive games produced for Xbox 360 to be online games, since they require players to purchase credits or a membership to play live through an Internet connection.

Today, it is perfectly acceptable to add online gaming into your budget. If you have a monthly subscription to a game site you enjoy, it is probably important to you to keep that subscription going. It becomes a budgeted item just like your electricity bill. This is perfectly acceptable, especially if it saves you from spending hundreds of dollars on a gaming console that will still require you to pay for a subscription to play the best games.

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How Online Gaming Has Evolved

It may seem that online gaming is a recent phenomenon with the advent of the internet and advances made in online technology. However, that is not the case. Online gaming has actually existed since the late 1960s. It is true, however, that the industry has seen a recent surge in popularity in both men and women. This has led to a huge influx of online games including World of Warcraft, Guild Wars, Final Fantasy and Lineage.

In recent years, there has been a significant increase in the number of women and teenagers who are using more online gaming sites. In fact, the female audience in online gaming rose 27% to 43 million users by August 2008. Most of the games played are by teenagers aged twelve to seventeen and women aged 55 to 64. With this ever growing audience, there are now more sites catering to women than ever before. Some of these include and If women are looking for a virtual world, those are out there too such as Neopets.

A recent study of 1,500 participants shows that there will be no decrease in online gaming popularity anytime soon. Of the respondents, more than 60% said that they play online games on a daily basis with many spending more than eleven hours a week on an online gaming site. Most respondents say they enjoy playing because it gives them a break or allows them to relax. Other respondents say they use the games as a way to stimulate their brains and relieve stress. The study also showed that the most popular time to get online and participate in online gaming is during the evening. The peak of the time for most players is right after the dinner hour, with participation dropping off as the clock gets closer to midnight. Many respondents also claim that they get more satisfaction from playing free online games than they do from watching TV. Not surprisingly, playing online games is the favorite online activity of many of the respondents.

While more people have computers now and the number of online gamers continues to rise, the actual games have been around long before virtually everyone had a computer in their home. The first online games were actually invented in 1969 by two people associated with MIT. They used a system called PLATO which was initially designed to find new ways to incorporate computers into the classroom. Other versions of online games came into being during the late 1970s and early 1980s, again mainly in university settings. It wasn’t until internet access became more widespread that online gaming came off the college campus and went worldwide.

While it may seem that the world of online gaming is a recent one thanks to internet advances, that is not the case. The first online games were actually produced in 1969. This is when two people from MIT linked computers using the PLATO service. PLATO was a dedicated file sharing system looking to find new ways to use computers for education. It wasn’t long before similar games were popping up at other universities both in the U.S. and abroad. Of course, recent advancement such as Flash now make it easier for users to participate as well as bring in an entire new world of audio files and fancy graphics.

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Advances in Online Gaming

A century ago, the term ‘games’ would have referred to either field sports or games like Chess. With the advent of technology and more recently, the Internet, the term has taken a new meaning. Online gaming has gained massive popularity over the last few years. People no longer play games in the comfort of their homes but also in cyber cafes and, as techies will vouch for it, in offices!

Online gaming offers a lot of flexibility to gamers – flexibility to decide where to play, when to play, what to play, with whom to play. With this kind of gaming, gamers do not need to install games on their computers or game consoles anymore. Furthermore, most of the online games are available for free. Online gaming is becoming increasingly popular as it sets a stage for social networking. Multi-players games make gaming competitive, hence more interesting. The latest trend in online gaming is community gaming. This April, Cafe website opened a social gaming service.

In August last year, Park Associates, a market research and consulting firm, published a report from its research on online gamers in the US. Based on its findings, the firm categorized gamers into six segments, namely, occasional gamers, incidental gamers, leisure gamers, dormant gamers, social gamers and power gamers. The report also declared that online gaming will become a 4-billion dollar industry by 2010 in the US alone.

The interactive world of the Internet was revolutionized by Flash and Java, making online gaming a lucrative and rewarding activity for netizens. The standalone computer games and video game parlors though still hold their ground, it is online gaming that is gradually cementing its roots in the ground.

Most of the online game portals generate their revenue from advertisements. Is it easy to host games online? Have you noticed the video game consoles lined up outside restaurants or in shopping malls? Have you even been to a game parlor? The coin-operated machines there are the original arcade game units. With the advent of the Internet, they took shape into online games, now easily facilitated by Flash, making it easier for websites to host such games.

Recently, big-shots like EA Sports have entered the online gaming market. Social networking websites are adding games to their features to attract gamers. Last year, in a report by the market research company, NPD Group revealed that sixty-two percent of all gamers play games online. In a recent report, it revealed that forty-two percent of the US population plays games online.

According to a February 2008 report by MMOGCHART, World of Warcraft, an online game devised by Blizzard has continued to dominate the subscriptions in the online-games’ market, with 62.3 percent of the subscriptions market share, with RuneScape following next with 6.9 percent.

Currently, with one-fourth of online gamers in the age group of 2-12, it is evident that this segment of gamers will demand more advanced and innovative games in the years to come, promising a tremendous rise in the online gaming market.

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Online Gaming And Its Future

Gaming consoles are given more importance in comparison with toys in your drawing room. In business point of view it covers a huge part throughout the globe. Arizona research firm has recently published a report under title “Online Gaming Affects More Than You Think”. As per the report, online gaming captured around nine percent of the passage of the Internet’s US spine in 2002 in addition to that by 2007, online gaming will capture about 285 petabits (285x100000x100000x100000 bits) in one month, and online payment for gaming consoles like the Nintendo GameCube, the Microsoft Xbox and the Sony PlayStation will account about $ 650 million per year.

Online gaming is a genuine business that can earn actual money, it was stated by Eric Mantion who is a higher-ranking analyst In Stat/MDR. There are so many industries those are functioning incredibly tough to develop this business rapidly, hence probability is, they can support to run things by the side of more rapidly than a number of look forward to.

At present you can get online in the midst of all three of the most important gaming consoles, other than at the moment, barely Microsoft is annoying to go round this into a solemn business prospect. The industry’s Xbox Live online program provides extra than ten titles. It is accessible via broadband links only, and needs a one-year subscription only. The X Box Live Starter bits and pieces are available with a twelve months subscription that comprises a headset, and more than a few games, at present sells for on the subject of $ 50.

Intendo subscribes $ 8.95 for one month for captivating the GameCube online, other than provides just single game, GameCube and Phantasy Star Online Episode I & II owners are in general youthful children, who will not to be expected to go online like young and teenagers adults. Most of parents don’t like that there children peripatetic in the region of the Internet,” tells Mantion. Sony offers PlayStation users go online for ithout cost.

PlayStation comprises for the vastness of the gaming console bazaar, and as per the report of In-Stat, for the duration of the year 2004, console gamers playing without cost online services can outnumber those who are the owner of pay services. Other than during 2005, the report forecasts, maximum consoles will be achievable on the pay-for-play scheme. If you see at the finances involve ness in online gaming, tells Mantion, you’ll find that it will not be very easy to provide the service away for no cost. This won’t stop populace from gaming online. During 2007, as per In-Stat, exceeding than 9 percent of whole gaming consoles would be online throughout the globe, and maximum percentage would be online gaming in the US, Japan and Korea where broadband links are a lot further widespread.

Maximum populaces have asked Microsoft’s pay-for-play scheme, but it looks to be functioning. As per Mantion, Xbox Live by now has about 350,000 subscribers. It merely had one fourth million as on first January, hence it’s on the increase mode powerfully.

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Which Online Gaming Console Is The Best?

Gaming has become very popular in recent years. With the release of more online gaming sites, people are looking for the best gaming console. Computers used to be the only way to access the internet and game online, now you can hook up most gaming consoles. Access to other gamers through the internet has brought gaming to another level, making competition for the best gaming console fierce. There are currently a few great consoles on the market; all have online options making online gaming a new American pastime.

Nintendo Game Cube

Nintendo has recently added the Game Cube, allowing people fond of the Nintendo, to join gamers online. Some of the pros and cons of the Nintendo are;

Nintendo Game Cube is the first console from Nintendo allowing online access, leaving it behind the competition.

Games are familiar, therefore less complicated to play.

Nintendo has always been geared towards children, so parents feel it is safer than other consoles, with less violence and more education.

Unfortunately, being better for kid’s means it is less appealing to the older gamers.

Sony PlayStation 2

Sony PlayStation 2 was a sort of pioneer for online gaming consoles. Offering up the internet with your game console brought multiplayer games and competition to a new level. If you have never played your PlayStation2 online its time to take it for a test run with these great options;

Great console to begin your online gaming experience on.

PlayStation 2 has been around a while so it doesn’t offer many of the bells and whistles of the newer consoles.

PlayStation 2 offers free service for online gaming but expect to get what you pay for.

Regardless of its downfalls, PlayStation 2 is very popular and inexpensive.

Sony PlayStation 3

Sony has already had huge popularity with their PlayStation 2, which has online access. Their new system PlayStation 3 is due to be released in November 2006. Some cool features are;

Sony PlayStation 3 is veered more for adults than children.

Basic platform will remain mostly the same making it easy to adjust to and use.

Already extremely popular, making the new PlayStation 3 a heavily awaited console.

PlayStation 3 is expected to arrive just in time for the holidays.

New games and improved options and graphics.

Microsoft Xbox

Microsoft Xbox has online access for gamers for a small fee. Some services are free but the more involving ones such as Xbox live community are well worth the fee. Compare these great features available;

Xbox has various packages available. From 3 month subscriptions to 12 months, there is something available for everyone.

Service appears to be far superior to the other gaming consoles and their online features.

Microsoft Xbox live offers maps, new characters, and tracks for racing to name a few.

You can communicate with other Xbox live members in real time via a headset making multiplayer games ever popular.

Microsoft Xbox 360

Many fans of online gaming consoles have been awaiting the arrival of this new “King of Online Game Console”. The current generation of online gamers raves about the awesome capabilities.

Microsoft has added new games with superb graphics.

With lightning speed thanks to CPU strength, the Xbox 360 rules the above the rest.

Offering screensavers, music, internet browsing brought this gaming console past the others on the market today.

If you are looking for a great online gaming console the current generation of gamers would recommend Microsoft’s Xbox 360. It is a cut above the rest for now. Check out the new Sony PlayStation3 arriving in November 2006 for the latest system on the market. If you are looking for a kid friendly safe, clean online gaming console look to the Nintendo Game Cube. Good luck, Gamers!

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The Online Gaming World of Today

Video gaming has become one of the fast and continuously moving multibillion dollar business in the globe. The gaming technology has changed to fast. We can practically bring our favorite games anywhere. With the latest gadgets and gaming consoles available in the market nowadays, you can practically play with your finger tips at the beach, inside a hotel, while on a bus or even while staring at the stars. As long as there is internet connectivity, playing your favorite video and online games is possible.
Over the past three decades, video gaming has developed into single-game units, mostly portable where multiplayer online role-playing games have been a favorite. Some of these MORPG are even being adapted into movies creating a tremendous amount of followers and breaking box office records. According to predictions, the gaming industry will continue to grow and develop creeping into different markets like girls, young women, parents and even the elderly. With the improvements in TPG internet, everything is almost possible.
At present, this is what the online gaming industry offers to its avid users.
Gaming Consoles
Nintendo, Microsoft, Sega and Sony gaming consoles are continuously being developed and released in the market at present. These gaming platforms have already captivated a lot of kids, teens and even adults. Over the past few years, more and more enhancement and graphic improvements are being applied and injected into these portable gaming consoles to enhance one’s gaming experience. Several accessories were also developed to match with these consoles that bring the gaming experience to a higher level.
Personal Computers
Computer games are still one of the favorite platforms for online gaming. Atari and Commodore made it big during the early years of online gaming. Today, Microsoft remains to be one of the top names when it comes to PC gaming. Gradually, as computer hardware improves and develops, games available in PC’s becomes better as well, in terms of graphics and playability.
Mobile phones and tablets
Mobile gaming is also one of the biggest players when it comes to the gaming culture. Single player games were the earlier type of games available for this type of platform. However as mobile phones becomes bigger, better and faster, gaming via mobile device leveled up as well. As the Smartphone bloom, mobile applications were developed and offered a form of entertainment, thru gaming to the mobile market industry.
Network Games
Single-player games are still in, but network games has also become a favorite among players. You can practically play against or team up with anyone around the globe to bring your gaming experience and adventure into greater heights. This is possible in all platforms available – PC, mobile phones, tablets and handheld gaming consoles.
A lot of exciting developments like 3D and Virtual Reality are expected to be developed further in the gaming world. HTC Vive, the Samsung VR and the Oculus Rift are just some of the latest offerings of the crowded yet truly enjoyable gaming world. More fun, excitement and literally out of this world experience is about to unravel in the coming future.

With virtual reality gaming on its way, imagine what the gaming industry will offer in the next decade. Advancement in the TPG internet also helped in bringing the online gaming industry into a new level. Take a look back to its humble beginnings as you check this out for details on how the gaming industry began and how far it can still go.