Acquire What Is Activision CEO Bobby Kotick Up To In The Gaming World

Robert Kotick, known to most as Bobby, is currently the CEO, President, and Director of Activision Blizzard, a global online computer and console game publisher. They are well-known for the games Call of Duty, Guitar Hero, and World of Warcraft. Bobby Kotick has played a significant role in making Activision Blizzard the leader in the industry.

In 2008, under his influential guidance, his company joined with popular Vivendi Games, and changed their name. He was then made CEO soon after. After this monumental merger, the market capitalization rose to more than thirteen-million dollars. Shareholder returns were up by twenty-eight percent.

Kotick is recognized internationally for his work with promoting independent studios and creative talent. He created the Independent Games Competition that awards $ 500K in prize money to small developers who continue to show a passion for game development.

One of his primary goals is to make advantageous changes that would benefit the gaming community as a whole. Because of the growing investment and support, his company provide to game developers in England, he insisted that Activision receive tax incentives from the British government. As well, in 2009, Blizzard threatened they would stop making Playstation 3 games unless Sony reduced the cost of the console.

According to him, promotion of independent video game development will increase production of new games. He believes that many other large development companies only use independent developers and then dismiss them. Kotick believes in increasing their vision, even though he has been pointed at as doing the same thing.

Kotick is a smart businessman. Activision Blizzard is currently the leading video game publisher on the market and is having its most profitable year since Bobby Kotick took over the position of CEO.

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