Computer Games and Its impact on Society

Computer games have evolved over time. Their role to entertain also evolved and computer gaming has become a lifestyle. The effects of gaming on a society have been positive and negative.

The Positive Effects:

• Computer games are stress relievers. Just like other pastimes such as movie watching, book reading and gardening, gaming eases stress.

• Video games can improve hand-eye coordination. An example of this is the Wii sports game, where players must use hand-eye coordination when playing games such as basketball, tennis, bowing or boxing. Other games involve driving car and flying airplanes. It develops hand control and balance. Some military institutes are using video games in their training programs.

• It improves strategic thinking for individuals. Most computer games require a lot of thinking and tactic creation. Computer Games also develop decision-making skills. Games that are related to these types of skills are war games, management games and sports games.

• Other video games help individuals get in touch with history, nature, governance, etc. Computer games such as WW2 games and pre-historic themes games will peak the interest of the gamers to these topics.

• Medicine and therapies use computer games in treating patients. Physical therapies use certain games in programs for patients with physical injuries. These games helps patients improve their motor-skills and coordination.

The Negative Effects:

• Computer games are addictive and sometimes they disrupt the daily routine of gamers. These games are so interesting and fun that time spent in it is often abused. Gamers often sleep late, eat less, etc. To children, it affects the time spent in doing homework and actual physical playtime.

• Gaming can isolate you from the real world. Spending too much time in playing on the computer can lock you in your room or house. Too much time alone with a computer game can induce the feeling of being alone and detached although there are online games where gamers can chat and be friends, real life socialization is not met.

• Computer games can be costly. Gaming devices, consoles, CDs, and other gears are quite expensive. Once gamers get hooked, they feel pressured to get new games or even getting all game gadgets. Other may not own these, but they spent too much time and money on internet cafes and shops to play online games. Other costs it affects are electricity, internet costs and additional hardware costs.

There are more positive and negative effects computer games may bring however it is not the computer games itself which create these effects, but the people who play them. Ensuring you have a proper balance of things and priorities, can avoid the negative effects. Use computer games wisely and responsibly and it can never be a problem to society.

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