Online Gaming Invades the Adult World

It used to be that only children and immature, irresponsible children enjoyed video games. While that is still the basic trend for video gaming consoles like the Xbox or Wii, the story of online gaming is quite different. There has been an explosion of online games in recent years, and since they often require membership fees to play, they tend to attract far more adults than children. After all, many parents do not want to pay for games online, but adults who want to play the games will gladly pay for a membership or for entrance to their favorite games.

There are many reasons that adults now enjoy playing games just as much as children enjoy their games:

* They can break up the monotony of the work day by playing a game here and there when they have a moment to themselves.
* Online games are great for stress relief at the end of a busy day.
* Some parents enjoy online gaming with their children, and find it a great bonding experience.
* Some games are offered through social networking sites, and allow adults to connect with their friends and relatives while playing.
* Adults have a competitive nature that is nourished through games when it cannot be nourished through most other areas of their lives.
* Online games often offer connections with other people from around the world, and many adults really crave more interactions with other adults. This is especially true of stay-at-home mothers who spend all of their time with small children.

Children are now turning to the gaming world for interactions with their peers and healthy competition in their social groups, and adults are doing the same thing in the online gaming world. Think of the thousands of people who log onto Facebook every single day just to play games. Many people log into Facebook several times throughout the day just to play games like Frontierville or Farmville. Facebook games are attractive to adults because they allow players to connect with others in their lives in a fun manner.

Interactive online games are more than just games in this case. They are social interactions where adults can play with their childhood friends, colleagues, relatives, and sometimes complete strangers who happen to enter their world through friends of friends. This gives a sense of acceptance and social love that is often missing in the adult world.

For those who spend all of their time at home with children or working in an office or cubicle by themselves, the social aspect of online gaming fills a deep personal void. They can reach out to others through chat sessions while playing online games, or they can go into farms, apartments and homes set up online by their friends and relatives. The online world often feels like an extension of their everyday world offline, since it involves many of the people they love and the social interaction they need for happiness.

Games are no longer for the young! It is very common for adults to enjoy online gaming just as much as teenagers enjoy the Xbox and Playstation.

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