The Beaty of Great Computer Games

Computer games, also known as PC games or personal computer games, refer to video games played on one’s personal or desktop computer. Computer games have long evolved from the simple graphics of earlier titles such as pong, to a wide range of titles that feature high end graphics and three dimensional animation such as Warcraft.

Computer games are generally created by developers together with artists and are either published independently or via a third party publisher. Most computer games are distributed through physical media devices such as CDs and DVDs, while some video games can be purchased and downloaded online as a form of shareware.

Playing video games often require a certain type of hardware on one’s desktop computer. Different system requirements vary depending on the type of computer game. For example, a specific type of video card may be required, or an internet connection may be needed for playing computer games online.

Different video games are categorized under several genres; however, due to a commonality or specific criteria for classification, the categorization of computer games is not always consistent. Some of the most popular genres of computer games include action, action adventure, strategy, shooter which may be further classified into first person, third person, or tactical shooter, adventure, and role playing.

Action and action adventure games are typically the most basic of all genres. It also covers the broadest range of video games available. This computer game classification is characterized by its emphasis on combat. Action adventure computer games on the other hand, as specified by its name, are characterized by the action and adventure elements. One of the most popular examples of an action adventure is the Legend of Zelda series.

Shooter games, whether first-person, third-person, or tactical shooter, focus more on shooting and combat. The major difference between the three types of shooter games is the perspective. The first person shooter game is played from the perspective of the character controlled by the gamer himself whereas the third person shooter game is played from the perspective of a spectator. Most of these games are extremely fast in pace and usually require quick reflexes. Some good examples of shooter games are Doom and Half Life. Most shooter games also offer the option of multiplayer games, allowing a number of people to play with each other either through local area network or through the internet.

Strategy video games involve the control of a variety of characters that a game uses to defeat either AI or another person controlling another set of characters. Most strategy games include tactical war strategies. Role playing computer games, on the other hand, involve the use of one player that takes on a role of a specific character with a specialized set of skills.

Some of the games classified under these genres do overlap; some games can be categorized under adventure, role playing and even action. The consistency of classification is however, not exactly a big deal among computer game enthusiasts. What most gamers are looking for is the fun and adventure brought about by playing computer games.

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