MMORPG and Real Life

Every form of art tries to capture life and its flavor. Along with the evolution of technology, computer games are now state of the art masterpieces. Behind a successful complex game, there is a team of graphical artists, programmers, scenario writers and so on. Because of their great resemblance with reality, games we play today reveal to us a world of fantasy, sensations and experiences far beyond everyday life.

MMORPG’s are at high stake these days. These games became a billion dollar industry these days thanks to the great number of players out there. What makes these games so popular is the simple fact that the player can be whatever he wants in that game. He can gain power far beyond his ordinary powers, he can have money or possessions, or he can rule that virtual fantasy world.

We must admit that these games can possess the player’s mind. At first, the game is a pleasure but in many cases, the players become obsessed with it especially if it is a great game. The impact of a masterpiece virtual world is very high and losing contact with reality is only one-step away.

The larger the world is, the greater the opportunities for the players are. What makes these games wanted is the pure will of dominion. Feeling this virtual power, the player is absorbed completely into the game. Coming back from work with a bad mood, arguing with a grumpy boss, pulled over by the police, having a quarrel with his wife about her mom coming to dinner are just some of the problems one is facing daily. The idea of leaving it all behind and jumping into the action of your favorite MMORPG is great.

Game developers are trying to make things as real as possible. For example, Entropia Universe is a huge MMORPG with great graphics. The more realistic aspect of the game is that you can exchange real money for money in the game and vice versa (10PED=$ 1). With the money you exchange in the game’s currency you can buy whatever you need inside the game in order to develop your character.

This game is just an example but there are tons of games like that out there. For every personality, there is a character and a game that will fit your idea of life. How good you want to get at it depends on you. Game developers are testing and experimenting to create more and more wonderful games. Who knows what evolution will bring in terms of virtual reality. Only the future will tell.

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