World of warcraft druids: guide to the rogue warrior mage of wow

Most Wow guides on Druids will no doubt describe their ability to shape shift. No wonder as this is the most significant feature of this Wow hybrid class. When I started to play as a warrior in world of warcraft I always wondered what made some players able to transform to cat, bear or even a tree. This is how I found out that you can you to do this if you select the right race. Yes for this is a class easy to miss as only Night Elf on Alliance and Tauren on the Horde side are allowed to play Druid which is probably why you see so few around.

Druids are defined as a hybrid class thanks to the way they are able to simulate almost exactly the same powers and talents of other classes depending on which animal or racial form they take on. In their racial (or normal) form they can both cast spells and use weapons, while as bears they can tank almost as effectively as warriors or paladins. In tree form they are much sought after healers in raids and group battle; and in cat form they have the stealth of rogues but with the added advantage of greater speed. Furthermore, as a Druid advances through more levels it has, in its shape shifting stable, even more animal forms it can call on both for combat or healing and to journey whether by land, sea and, in Outland, by air (Swift Flight Form).

Druids can go on later in the game to specialize into becoming either a balance, feral or restoration Druid. A balance Druid will be one specializing in casting like a Mage or Warlock, while acting as secondary healers to Priests. Feral druids represent an excellent alternative from Warrior or Palandins as tanks while druids specializing in Restoration make very good healers since they are the best at healing over time which is a great asset for parties doing raids.

Like Shamans Druids provide the player a very flexible and versatile character to play WoW. In one character you have the opportunity to explore what you enjoy to play best: whether it’s a healer, caster or tank. And if you get bored playing as a healer you can also unlearn these talents and re-distribute the talents to become a feral or balance druid. However hard core Druids tend to play 3 druids at once to relish each mode of play and of course if you are good at blending talent builds you can always play all at the same time. But that is a subject that could require a world of warcraft druid guide of its own to demonstrate how it can be achieved, something that I am sure you will be once you play as a Druid for a while.

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